To some people, the mention of the word generic does not convey a picture of genuine and effective drugs. In reality actually, many many patients consume generic drugs, and still get better from their ailments. The difference does not necessarily lie in the ingredients, but in the brand name that originally introduced the drug. This is also the case when it comes to generic Viagra Super Force; the brand name is different from the other many names that identify the same product. You will thus see Viagra Super Force as a generic name to Viagra; the original Viagra that was and still is being manufactured by Pfizer.

So What is Generic Viagra Super Force?

Originally, Viagra was manufactured as a drug that treats problems with Erectile Dysfunction. The active ingredient in Viagra is Sildenafil, which apart from treating erectile dysfunction, also treats problems related to hypertension of the pulmonary artery. This active ingredient has been found to be effective for use by most men including those suffering from diabetes.

Over the years, many other companies have been able to also use Sildenafil to manufacture drugs that are just like Viagra, only that due to brand name rights, could not use Viagra as their brand name. As such, they have come up with other names that are similar to Viagra, but with slight additions, such as Viagra Super Force, Viagra Super P Force, Viagra Malegra FXT among others.

Generic Viagra Super Force keeps the active ingredient, Sildenafil as its main component, while adding a little bit of Dapoxetine to help with problems of premature ejaculation. This addition has carefully been mixed to provide the desired results. You will thus buy one pill instead of two for problems with ED and PE.


Is it Effective?

There have been a number of positive reviews found on-line for the use of the drug. A number of on-line pharmacies, such as My Canadian Pharmacy offer the drug at an affordable price, thus it is possible to speculate that quite a number of men have used the drug. The efficacy of Dapoxetine has been well documented, but whether it works well with Sildenafil is what is yet to be known. However, you should know that Viagra (or Sildenafil) is a prescription only drug, and as such, a number of things make it absolutely necessary to see your doctor. These are:

  • Having problems related to your cardiovascular system and
  • Having problems related to the lungs, kidney and liver as well as
  • Having an allergic reaction to Dapoxetine

It is also good to note that the effectiveness of the drug will vary from person to person. Some will see the results as early s thirty minutes after taking the drug, while others may see just one erection for the duration of the sexual intercourse. Thus, it cannot be easy to tell whether the drug will be effective on you or not, since different men have different needs.

One thing that is actually absolutely important is that you buy the drug from trusted pharmacies, be they on-lined bases like My Canadian Pharmacy or be they brick and mortar stores.