Viagra Professional: Useful Details

Viagra Professional is the newest potent medicine, the purpose of which is male erectile dysfunction treatment. It is used orally. Canadian Viagra Professional causes activation of natural blood flow, which provokes penis to enlarge and harden when sexually excited, when peak of sexual activity is reached. The effect and properties of drug completely corresponds to parameters of original drug – Viagra 100 mg, while Viagra Professional 100 mg price is much lower.

Why Is Viagra Professional Better?

  • period of action – 6-8 hours;
  • growing sensation of penile nerves;
  • sexual concentration improvement;
  • reduction in recovery time after the last sexual intercourse;
  • increased sexual desire and male passion;
  • restoring sexual sensations characteristic of young age;
  • increase in orgasms amount;
  • accelerated absorption of chemical component;
  • strengthening endurance and libido;
  • relaxedness and psychological confidentiality.

Erectile Dysfunction: Diagnostics and Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnostics

Erectile dysfunction diagnostics is based on:

  • anamnesis;
  • examination;
  • instrumental and laboratory examination.
  1. Information collection facilitates use of adapted questionnaires. The use of such forms makes it possible not only to smooth out feeling of embarrassment in conversation with shy patient, but also to save doctor’s time.
  2. Laboratory diagnosis includes: determination of male hormonal status, according to testimony, analyzes that exclude or confirm presence of somatic diseases (blood glucose, PSA, lipid spectrum, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, general blood test, general urine analysis.) are prescribed.
  3. In some cases, monitoring of nocturnal spontaneous erection is used. This method allows differential diagnosis of organic and psychogenic forms. So, with psychogenic ED, unlike organic, spontaneous nocturnal erection are preserved.
  4. Ultrasonic dopplerography (USDG) of penile arteries allows to evaluate microcirculation, to reveal structural changes in cavernous fibrosis and Peyronie’s disease. USDG penile arteries is more informative if it is performed in state of rest and erection followed by comparison of results.
  5. The test with intracavernous introduction of vasoactive drugs (usually – alprostadil, analogue of prostaglandin E) allows to reveal vasculogenic ED. With normal arterial and veno-occlusive hemodynamics 10 minutes after injection there is expressed erection that persists for 30 minutes or more.ED diagnistics and treatment

What you Need to Know about Erectile Dysfunction Causes?

Erectile dysfunction – male inability to achieve or maintain erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. At the same time, erectile dysfunction is condition in which these problems exist for at least three months. From the term: “impotence” – recently began to be abandoned, since this diagnosis implies extreme degree of sexual function violation, and impossibility to achieve success of conservative treatment.