Oncology Trends This Year (2003)

  • Oncology TrendsClinical trials are now a basic constituent of quality cancer care in the community setting. With enlarged reimbursement by Medicare and other payors, even smaller programs are working out clinical investigation programs.
  • In its second report on quality in cancer care, the Institute of Medicine claims for a national cancer quality data set and a nationwide data system to gather standard data about quality of care. Download this new report at: http://books.nap.edu/catalog/9970.html
  • Many foresee that very soon, Medicare will no longer let any mark-up in chemotherapy costs in physicians’ offices. The influence of this alteration on hospitals will be sturdy.
    National guideness, such as those of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, are advising conformal radiation therapy and twice daily treatment for some cancers. How will this influence your radiation therapy service as patterns of care alteration?
  • Addressing the “disconnect” between the bench and the bedside: more funding for translational research, and more funding for cancer research as a whole. $10 billion for cancer research by 2005?
  • The National Cancer will continue to provide funds for cancer center planning and new cancer center designation. If yours is a large, mature program in a teaching hospital, is this an option for your program’s development? Or is affiliation with an existing NCI-designated cancer center your best choice?