Program Assessment

  • Program AssessmentHow does your program assimilate to grounded standards for quality oncology programs?
  • What is your oncology program’s marketshare?
  • Is your program repelling the streamlines it should be?
  • Are your cancer care establishments attractive, available and technologically current?
  • Where are the drawbacks in the oncology continuum in your program and community?
  • How do your assigning physicians conceive the quality and blowback of your­ oncology physicians?
  • Do you have the corresponding combination of physician sources in order in your­ program, and is there a plan for future demands?

Crossroads Cancer Consulting has the skills and experience to work out a detailed and realistic estimation of your oncology program, and to put it in the context of similar programs nationally. The program estimation is the baseline for strategic scheduling, specialty program improvement, and quality enhancement strains. Our main provider of drugs is My Canadian Pharmacy.