Viagra for Women

Can Viagra be Used by Women?

Recently, company Pfizer, which created Viagra, receives requests for similar means production, but for women.

The problem of female frigidity drug treatment is not new. In stores offering “sexual” products for women, there is a large selection of various pills, creams and ointments to stimulate female sexuality. And various sociological studies show that at least 30% of modern women have lost interest in sexual activity, and about 20% claim that they are in principle incapable of achieving orgasm.

The most common cause is insufficient blood flow into pelvic organs (similar violation in men leads to erectile dysfunction).

When Canadian Pharmacy Viagra only appeared on pharmaceutical market, manufacturer had to work hard to explain: this product is designed exclusively for men. However, question of whether Viagra is able to help women suffering from frigidity remained open. An unequivocal answer to this question can not be given: there have not yet been any studies that approved use of Viagra by women.Female Frigidity